Huracan – 16×20 – SOLD

A hurricane is a rapidly rotating storm center characterized by rotation, low pressure, strong winds, and heavy rain. They are typically formed over warm bodies of water through evaporation of the ocean’s surface water, recondensing into clouds, and fueled by horizontal temperature contrasts. Their rotation is the result of the conservation of angular momentum derived from Earth’s natural rotation and as such, they rarely form with five degrees of the equator. This piece is derived from the furious coloration of one of the most devastating natural disasters.

The raw sides create a three dimensional feel that creates a sense of depth and brings the forward to the viewer. It has been sealed with high gloss art varnish to increase it’s luster, giving it a sense of movement while protecting it from UV light. This piece has been signed on the back to limit intrusion to the artwork.

Dimensions: 16″ x 20″

Sides: rawimg_1311