Asteria – 24×48


Asteria was the Titan goddess of falling stars and nocturnal divinations, astrology, and dreams in Greek mythology. After the fall of the Titans, Asteria was chased by Zeus across the sky, but escaped by transforming herself into a quail and leaping into the sea to became the island of Delos, located in the center of the Aegean Sea. This piece depicts Asteria as the starry goddess she was foreseen as; galaxies and celestial bodies sweeping through her long hair. The rich blues, purples, and bronzes melt into her eyes and lips as they pool outward towards her swept hair.

This piece contains metallic flake paint, giving it a moderate sparkle and color change in varying light. The raw sides create a three dimensional feel that creates a sense of depth and brings the forward to the viewer. It has been sealed with high gloss art varnish to increase it’s luster, giving it a sense of movement while protecting it from UV light. This piece has been signed on the front.

Dimensions: 24″ x 48″

Sides: raw×48-original-abstract-art-by