Kurishio – 20×16

Kuroshio is an north flowing warm ocean current found in the Black Sea, near Japan and Vietnam. The warm waters of the Kuroshio Current sustain the coral reefs of Japan, the northernmost coral reefs in the world which house a variety of reef dwelling fauna and is considered a high productivity reef. With stable temperatures of nearly 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the seasonal temperature fluctuation is kept moderately stable. This piece represents the warms waters of the Kuroshio current bringing life and stability to the inhabitants of that reef system as well as the necessary nutrition to maintain a high level ecology. The colder blues reach outwards with warmer bronzes, bringing the nutrition of contrast to this piece.

The raw sides create a three dimensional feel that creates a sense of depth and brings the forward to the viewer. It has been sealed with high gloss art varnish to increase it’s luster, giving it a sense of movement while protecting it from UV light. This piece has been signed on the back to limit intrusion to the artwork.

Dimensions: 20″ x 16″

Sides: raw